The advertisement about ‘Global Warming’ that we prepared for Ankara Advertising Association.

The average temperature increased about 0.5 degrees in the 20th century. Therefore half of the glaciers melted in the mountains. The level of water increased by 10-20 cm in the seas. Thousands of species have become extinct. The frequency of meadow and forest fires increased. Evaporation has increased, thirst lowered the water level in dams. Drought began to appear. But, the world is still green and there are many thousands of species more. In the 21st century the average temperature will rise 1.1 to 6.4 degrees. Therewith Himalayan glaciers will disappear within 50 years that feed the major rivers of Asia where over 2 billion people living in it’s basin. In the year 2100 the sea level will be higher at least 1m above today. Tens of thousands of square kilometers area will remain under water. 200 million more migrants will emerge. Infectious diseases will spread. The frequency of meadow and forest fires will increase further. An increase of six degrees will cause the extinction of 95 of 100 species on earth. Life on earth will lose all the gains of 100 years. The returning of the nature to the 20th century will take 100 million years.